About Us

Non-Lethal Defence Systems (NLDS) is a subsidiary of Action Pursuit Group cc which has since 1989 been providing Paintball related team building and corporate adventure event management ranging from two hour to three-day travel away weekend events. Whilst the Paintball side of the business was growing, a more serious off shoot to the business developed.

This was in the field of security personnel training utilizing specially modified paintball equipment for force on force training. No matter how well one trains its always very different when someone is shooting at you. With paintball equipment participants can enact scenarios to practice and test tactical and arrest procedures.

Colour coded paintballs allow for accurate post activity reconstruction of the exercise as they high-light where actual live rounds from the two opposing forces would have impacted. The stinging pain from a close range shot is a very healthy reminder to trainees to take their training seriously because next time they may not get away with just a welt or two.

2004 saw the signing of a distributor agreement with Non-Lethal Systems International for the distribution of Pepperball Systems in Southern Africa. With the stringent background checking and renewal requirements for firearms the Pepperball System which does not require a licence, is a product ideally placed to provide citizens and law enforcement agencies with a cost efficient and effective tool to suit their self defence and minimum force requirements. NLDS was formed to actively market and distribute Pepperball Systems, training equipment, services and tactical gear.