PepperBall brand non-lethal compliance products are designed to give law enforcement officers safe, effective, and simple-to-use alternatives to existing compliance systems. PepperBall Systems have many key characteristics that are applicable to any situation where non-lethal force is an option.

  • Are an alternative to lethal force.
  • Are an affordable addition to less-than-lethal arsenals
  • Are safe at point-blank range
  • Provide increased officer safety
  • Include recoilless lauchers that allow accurate targeting
  • Utilize a unique combination of kinetic impact, psychological shock, and PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder to irritate and gain compliance
  • Allow suspect targeting ranges up to 30 feet
  • Can be used to saturate areas at distances up to 150 feet
  • Consist of a variety of launcher options that convey a visual threat to suspects
  • Can be quickly deployed when unanticipated situations arise
  • Offer multiple types of projectiles for training and tactical operations
  • Have a high rapid rate of fire that allows multiple target application
The PepperBall System offers law enforcement personnel an alternative to lethal force in a variety of situations, including:

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The pain compliance impact of the hard, frangible projectiles is enhanced by the application of PAVA (Capsaicin II), which can assist in the apprehension of uncooperative or violent suspects. As PepperBall Projectiles strike and break apart, the resulting PAVA powder cloud envelops the eyes and enters the breathing passages providing greater opportunity for successful incident resolution.

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PepperBall Projectiles help law enforcement personnel resolve barricade and standoff situations by delivering PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder from a distance. Officers can contaminate the immediate area by targeting above and around a suspect, forcing a suspect to give up his position and possibly surrender. By launching an initial glass-shattering projectile followed by a series of PepperBall Projectiles, officers can also deliver pepper irritant on suspects enclosed in automobiles.

A volley of PepperBall Projectiles fired at a window in a building or other structure can also cause breakage, depending on the glass type, thickness, and size.

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The PepperBall System can effectively distribute PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder in a riot setting and disperse uncontrolled crowds. Suspects can be individually targeted or PAVA powder can be distributed over an entire group by launching a volley of projectiles against a wall, street, or hard object above, near, or upwind of a group of targets from distances up to 150 feet. Dye Marking rounds are also available to allow officers to mark individual troublemakers for later identification.

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Prison settings are an ideal environment for the compliance technology of the PepperBall System when dealing with cell extractions, dayroom or exercise yard fights, or full-scale riots. The individual targeting capabilities of the PepperBall System allows corrections personnel to manage and control inmates more effectively. Targeting cell walls and ceilings allows PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder to fall behind the barricade and drive out barricaded inmates. Large prison areas can also be denied to potential inmate rioters by saturating an area with PAVA powder from distances up to 150 feet. Because of the localization of PAVA powder contamination, facility-wide contamination through ventilation systems can be avoided. Clean up is simple; sweep up or rinse off the powder and discard in the trash.


Innocent victims can be protected from serious injury by using the PepperBall System in hostage situations as an alternative to other less-than-lethal solutions. Suspects can be targeted without causing permanent injury to hostages caught in the crossfire. Projectiles can be used to saturate an area with PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder, forcing a suspect to give up their position without resorting to lethal force.


Troops can be removed from dangerous situations by holding off crowds with PepperBall Projectiles. The projectiles can be shot, from distances up to 150 feet, into and around a large group of people to disperse PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder and keep crowds from advancing.

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PepperBall Projectiles combine kinetic impact with PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder to enable law enforcement officers to avoid tragedy and force a suicidal suspect to drop weapons and surrender. The psychological impact of being shot, combined with the kinetic impact and pepper effect, may allow officers time to effect an arrest without the use of lethal force.

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Domestic violence incidents can be one of the most dangerous situations law enforcement officers encounter. These situations often involve emotionally upset suspects under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Family members and friends of the subject may also interfere or even attack officers, creating a greater danger for everyone on the scene. The PepperBall System gives officers a safe option to deploy a non-lethal weapon without resorting to deadly force to stop despondent suspects wielding weapons such as a knife or baseball bat.


We have developed a wide variety of patented PepperBall projectiles to create realistic training and role-play scenarios. PepperBall Projectiles are available in inert powder, inert scented powder, and inert liquid versions, making it possible to conduct both indoor and outdoor live-fire training without contaminating an area with pepper powder. There is no substitute for realistic training allowing the "suspect" to shoot back at officers. The inert water training projectiles are an ideal solution for training realism with minimum cleanup.